Books I’ve Loved Lately

Books I’ve Loved Lately

I have always loved to read. One of my biggest regrets in life is losing a summer book reading contest in elementary school. I lost by one book to the librarian’s daughter (which, come on, not fair!). All jokes aside, I really do love to read and got back into my voracious habit during the quarantine months thanks to Becca and Grace of Bad on Paper podcast. I’ve got stacks of books all over the apartment that I’m working my way through. I’ve been updating my Goodreads (feel free to follow me!) but thought I would share some of my book highlights of the past few months. It’s been a lot of rom coms, royal-themed reads, and breezy books that don’t require too much thought but definitely leave you feeling attached.

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Things I’m Loving Lately

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week. Since I got back from Europe on Wednesday night, I’ve been getting my life back in order (so much laundry) and studying for an exam this afternoon. I’ll have a recap of my days in Barcelona up soon, but in the meantime, here are just a few things I’ve been loving lately!

  • Sara Bareilles’ new album Amidst the Chaos was released this week and I’ve probably already listened to it 40 times. Since her last album, she wrote the music and lyrics for Waitress on Broadway and even starred in the production! I was lucky enough to see her as Jenna and it was magical. Everything she writes is gold and this is no exception. She was the musical guest on SNL last weekend and no lie she sounds the same live as on the recording. That takes serious talent. Go listen now!
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Your Monthly Prescription, Dose 4


My biochem notes and I are getting ready to jet off to the Windy City for a wedding and I’m looking forward to some fall weather (for context, it’s 8:00am in Miami and already 80 degrees). But before we take to the sky, its time for Your Monthly Prescription, our feature highlighting everything from an important long-read to medical Instagram celebs. Please feel free to send along anything you think we should feature!

What I’m Doing: Anatomy, that medical student rite of passage, has now come and gone. But even while I was in the midst of hours in the lab and memorization by nutty mnemonics, I still tried to keep up with my healthy habits. This included some at-home yoga thanks to Yoga With Adriene. I’m hoping that consistent attention to healthy eating, sleeping, movement and outside passions will help stave off burnout for a long time–but if that does not work, I’ll turn to The Female Doc and her incredible work on physician burnout.

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