Day in the Life MS1: Cardiovascular System

The “pre-clinical” years of medical school are pretty similar at most medical schools — anatomy, basic science courses, and organ modules. No matter how the curriculum works, you spend a lot of time watching lectures and studying in the library. I only have two weeks left of our cardiovascular system module and then it’s Spring Break and our last module of MS1, Neuroscience and Behavioral Science! I had a busier than usual day earlier this week and thought I’d take you through it!

I like to schedule book and video reviews into my daily calendar to make sure I don’t forget!

6:30am Wake up feeling refreshed for the first time in over a week! Grab a big mug of coffee and finish a blog post about exercise and my career change.

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How I Study in Medical School

I’ve always been an early riser but I never had to be an early studier — I didn’t have many courses with tests that required memorization in college or graduate school, I wrote a lot of papers. And so it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to study as I made the transition from a career in public policy and graduate school to memorizing the Krebs cycle and trying to understand anything about physics. Over the course of my post-bac program and studying for the MCAT, I realized that my challenge was the fact that my productivity took a nose dive around 6pm. I could review notes over dinner, but I wasn’t taking new notes or doing serious active studying.

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How I Keep Up With Health Policy Happenings

I may have hit snooze a few times this morning, but eventually I rolled out of bed, made some coffee, and started my morning routine of skimming the news and some journals for about 30 minutes before diving into my study tasks for the day.

I wish I could make this for myself. Italians just do coffee better.

I planned to post a short recap of this mornings offerings on Instagram, but there were just too many great reads that I wanted to share. Here is a brief glimpse at what I’m reading this morning [if I told you what was on every open tab, we’d be here until tomorrow morning]:

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