I’m Still Here: Life & Photo Dump

Well, it’s been much longer than I anticipated since my last post! I’m still here, just decided to take some time off to enjoy my summer and then once school started again I felt like I’ve barely had a moment to breathe. And truth be told, I should be thinking about starting to study right now but here I am, about to give you a huge life update instead – and tons of pictures that will probably convince you to take a trip out West. Keep reading to see what I’ve been up to since May!

I still cannot believe that my first year of medical school is over already! It really is true what they say – the days are long but the years are short. And that’s true thus far into second year as well. Once I finished up with my last neurology exam in May, I had to do my clinical competency assessment to ensure that I’ve learned how to take a full history and physical this year. It was a lot – you never realize how much doctors think about until you’re the one trying to think like a doctor!

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How I Study in Medical School

I’ve always been an early riser but I never had to be an early studier — I didn’t have many courses with tests that required memorization in college or graduate school, I wrote a lot of papers. And so it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to study as I made the transition from a career in public policy and graduate school to memorizing the Krebs cycle and trying to understand anything about physics. Over the course of my post-bac program and studying for the MCAT, I realized that my challenge was the fact that my productivity took a nose dive around 6pm. I could review notes over dinner, but I wasn’t taking new notes or doing serious active studying.

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